Monday, May 17, 2010

unsent letters

Dear Alex;

I love you. I love your new hair cut. You are so beautiful. You lite up my life. I wish you were more flexible. I wish you could adjust to change. You are so smart and you can do anything you set your mind to. You are the only thing holding you back. How can I help you learn to be more flexible?

I think you are the best kid in the world. You make me laugh, you make me smile. You make life worth living. I can't wait to see where life brings you. What you become. You make life exciting. I want to fast forward time so I can see the end.

I also want to freeze time. You are growing up so fast. I can't believe you are 7 1/2. Seams like yesterday you were a baby. I know we over protect you. I know we need to let you out from under our wings. It is so hard. But I know that when you spread your wings it will be spectacular.

May life treat you kind and always know I will always be there for you.

Love Mom

Dear Troy;

You are my best friend. My best friend. I can tell you anything. I can tell you the dark evil thoughts I have and you don't think I am evil. You make me laugh, you make me smile.

You are a great provider for Alex and I. You always make sure we have what we need, and a lot of the time, what we want. Alex and I both take advantage of you. We all know that. I will try to do more around here. Carry more weight.

You are my biggest supporter and I thank you for that.

People said we wouldn't make it a year. We have been married going on 11 years and together for 14 years. You are my longest friend.

I am sure we will grow old together. I am also sure I will be bald 1st :).

Thank you and I love you

Love Mom.

Dear Mich;

I guess this letter isn't unsent since you will probably read this :).

Thank you for being my friend. You are a great person. You set such a great example for your children. You are a strong woman. You have endless courage.

I know you think our friendship is more me giving and you taking, but you are wrong. We just have different things to give. You give me advice. You give me perspective. You give me other ways of thinking of things. You are not afraid to point out better ways and offer me your wisdom. You are smart and well informed.

I look up to you (and not just because you are taller, lol). Thank you for all that you have given me. I hope 10 years from now we are watching our girls move in their lives. I hope we will be still be friends years and years from now.

Thank you for that you have given me, and thanks in advance for all I will take from you :)

Love Laurie

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  1. Thanks Laurie...

    I am speechless... and greatful that you are my friend!