Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The dead hamster

This story starts back about 3-4 weeks ago. The hamster buried himself under the shavings and didn't come out for a few days. Troy dug him up and poked him and up he jumped!! Flying around the cage like a hamster on crack!

Troy told Alex she should leave him alone for a few days and no more feeding him vegetables. Just hamster food. And she did.

Last night the hamster buried himself again. Troy dug him up and he was very cold and breathing about every 30 seconds. So Troy googled "how hot should I keep hamster" and found out some information. If certain types of hamsters get cold they will hibernate. When they do this they will be limp, cold and hardly breathing. To bring them out of hibernating you should warm up the surrounds and stroke your hamster to warm him.

So Troy turned the wood stove on and the light but said he draws the line at hamster stroking. So before I went to bed I poked him with a toilet paper roll, he was still breathing but he still didn't react. I figured he wasn't warm yet and went to bed.

So this morning Hammie is stiff as a board. He isn't moving. So Troy covered him back up until after Alex left for school

As Alex goes to leave this morning she looks in the cage and groans "Oh I never get to see Hammie anymore" and left for school. While Alex and I were waiting for the bus Yroy put Hammie in a kidney bean can.

So now I am in charge of the hamster funeral. So I went to the $ store and got a hamster coffin, some cotton to line it with and some flowers for it.

Get home I put the cotton in the box, try to slide the hamster out of the can but of course he isn't moving.

Seeing as I am in the garage I look around at Troy's tools to see what I can use. I grab some pliers and pull him out.

Of course he is covered in kidney bean juice and pop corn.

So now I have to clean him off. I empty him out of the box onto the table and of course I didn't think this out, so now he has bean juice, pop corn and black stuff (whatever was on the shop table) all over him.

So now I have to clean the dead hamster. Let me tell you - that was fun!!

So I try to get him back in the box, he falls and lands on my arm! I finally get him in and go off to dig a hole. Of course the spot I choose had a million roots to dig though (I figured by the tree so she would know where he was).

Now I wait for her to come home so I can tell her and we can bury him. The things we do for our children!

Hey some how I got back in

I started a new blog - but didn't tell anyone and I just tried to sign in and it brought me here??!! Weird!