Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A troll!!

So we get home, the neighbors had a bunch of people over, all sitting outside. I make a run for the bathroom. Alex yells after me, "Hey mom, when you're done pooping will you play outside with me?".

Thanks for letting the neighbors know that I need to poop!! Why not put an ad in the newspaper! Sigh!

Today I went out looking for a light pink t-shirt. Like a baby pink. Solid colour - no prints. Do you think I could find one? Nope. I have a new pair of capris and it would go perfect with them. So the hunt is still on.

I also need a new purse as the strap is ripping off mine. Again I couldn't find any I liked. I like ones with really long straps so I can put it cross body. I find purses slip off my shoulder and I hate carrying them. So again the hunt is still on.

And to close a super funny story a co-worker told me. I will warn you, some may find it offensive.

She has an adult son with autism. He says at home during the day alone - he is fairly high functioning.

So a week or 2 ago he calls her at work all excited. He keeps saying 'I caught a troll!! I caught a troll!'. Now she isn't too concerned because this is normal for him. He will hear sounds or see shadows and think they are different things. So she does her best to calm him down and tells him they will figure it out when she gets home.

So she finishes working and gets home (about 6 hours after the phone call). As soon as she pulls into the driveway he is right out the door, all excited saying 'I caught a troll! I caught a troll!'.

OK, she says 'lets go inside and see if we can figure this out'. So they go inside and the 1st thing she sees is he has pushed all the furniture up against the closet door. She asked him why and he told her the troll was in there.

Well she starts moving the furniture and she can hear something in the closet. She gets all the furniture moved, opens the door and in the closet is (are you ready for it?) a Jehovah witness. He is a midget!! He came to the door, her son let him inside, pushed him in the closet and locked him in, lol.

The poor guy was in there for 6 hours!!! Can you imagine coming home to that? I wonder what the guy in the closet was thinking? OMG I laughed so freaking hard.

(Sorry if this offends you but I did warn you)

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  1. Pooping, a light pink shirt, the perfect purse and a troll!
    Yes, it made my day!