Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cut throat camping

So I spent last night with Alex. Taking ehr temperature and waking her to give her medicine. If that wasn't bad enough I had to get up at 6:30 to book a camp site!

The camp site...
You can book camp sites 6 months (to the day) in advance. So we want to arrive on July 25, so camp sites for July 25 are available to book starting today. Of all the 16 sites we wanted 2 were left to book for July 25. A 3rd OK one was available as well. I sat at the computer from 6:30 on trying to book them (you can book them starting at 7am, but I start early, just in case). Click on our 1st choice right at 7am on the noise and it was taken. Try our 2nd choice and it was taken. So I choice the 3rd choice and got that one.

I looked 10 mins later and you can not book any site at the camp ground with electricity starting July 25, they are all booked up. Lucky we got what we did!

So we will go camping for a week this summer. We have a 1975 trailer. It has gold curtains with the little pom poms on it. It like stepping into Austin Powers, LOL I love it! So much better then a tent. Plus because it is old it isn't a big deal if the kids track in mud and what not.

So Alex is still sick. This morning she was 103. Now she is hanging around 100-101. She is happy that she got to stay in her PJ's all day. It was the highlight of her day!!

Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to work 7am -1. Dh is working afternoons so he will have to get up with her and decide if she stays or goes to school. I am thinking she should stay home. Just to be sure she is over this. But I guess Dh will have to decide tomorrow.

Alex hasn't clued in that tonight is sparks yet. I know she is going to be upset when she realises she missed it. But what can you do.


How many women with
PMS does it take to change a light


ONLY ONE!!!! And do you know WHY? because no one else in this house knows HOW

to change a light bulb! They
don't even know that the bulb is BURNED OUT!! They would sit in the dark for

THREE DAYS before they figured it out.
And, once they figured it out, they wouldn't be able to find the

stinkin' light bulbs despite the fact that they've been in the SAME CABINET for the past 17 YEARS! But if they did, by some miracle of God, actually find them, 2 DAYS LATER, the chair they dragged to stand
on to change the STUPID light bulb would STILL BE IN THE SAME SPOT!!!!! AND UNDERNEATH



I'm sorry.

What was the question?

Just a short one today. I probably won't post again until Friday. Tomorrow is pretty busy for me. TTFN

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My poor pookie is sick. She has a fever and is coughing. She isn't eating or drinking.

She hasn't thrown up yet but she is hoping she does. Reason being is last time she was sick, she was choosing what colour Popsicle to eat and was excited because she knew that meant her barf would be that colour.

Least she has something to look forward too.

She is hanging out on the couch today. She is all covered up. She is always hot so to see her complaining that she is cold, well that's just not her.

Dh made homemade hamburgers for the 1st time the other night (they sucked!! They had no flavour! But don't tell him that) So now he wants one of those tupperware hamburger makers. (I need am eye rolling smilie!). Like he is going to make them again. I hope he doesn't make them again!!

Hey for great and easy hamburgers, mix ground beef, box of stuffing, an egg and a dash or 2 of whorshire sause. yum yum!!

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6:30am. Our summer vacation is depending on it! You see you book your camp site up to 6mths in advance and I need to book ours. We plan on going July 25. I looked today because I thought I would book it a day early and then it was done. Well all the camp sites we want are all booked already!! Only one is still available and you can't book it until tomorrow at 7am. So I am in a race tomorrow morning to book that site. If someone gets it before me, well I don't know what we will do. I do this every year.

So Dh has decided to work straight midnights (untill there isn't midnights anymore. Could be a week, could be 2 months ~ who knows!) This allows me to work more. Dh has been on afternoons for the last 2 weeks and I have worked 4 shifts. Turned down many. 2 weeks before when he was on midnights I worked 11 shifts. So on one hand I am excited I can work more. But on the other hand, it sucks him being on midnights. Alex will love it because she can take over his side of the bed!! LOL

Little Johnny goes to school, and the teacher says, 'Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?'

Little Johnny waves his hand, 'Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!'

Miss Rogers:'All right, little Johnny, what is your multi-syllable word?'

Little Johnny says, 'Mas-tur-bate.'

Miss Rogers smiles and says, 'Wow, little Johnny, that's a mouthful.'

Little Johnny says, 'No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob".

Hey if yoru reading this, will you send a comment. Even if it just said I read it. I am wondering how many people read this. Thanks!!

So I had to pick up a prescription today and the cute Pharmicist was working. He doesn't have a ring on his finger (course neither do I so that doesn't mean anything). I wonder if DH will let me date him on the side?? Probably not. Oh well I can drool.

Remember it's OK to read the menu as long as you eat at home!

Oh yes, I only ate out once last week. Thats was friday night, Alex had a sparks thing at the mall. We wouldn't really have time to eat at home and make it there so we grabed something quick at the mall.

I am eating out on Thursday, but that is my night to take Big D and his siblings out for dinner. I do that 1-2 x a month.

Eating once a week is far better then 4-5 times a week. Well it isn't better, I hate cooking and enjoy eating out. But it does save money.

Oh speaking of saving money, Dh now wants me to put money down on the mortage each pay. He really is wreaking my free loading!!

Oh well, thats all for now. don't forget to comment to say you read it. Thanks.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I feel like Seinfeld. This is a blog about nothing. Went to the coffee shop today? That's an entry in yoru blog!

Well I worked all weekend so Alex spent all weekend with Dad. You can tell. She is trying to get me with all his crappy jokes. Like this morning we are at the Doctors and there is a sign on the wall. She asked me to read it to her. So I told her to read it herslef and she did with a little help. Then she asked me to read after she did. I did and she laughed because she got me to read it. Then 2 minutes later she asked me to read it again. Trying to see how many times she can get me to read it.

Alex ~ mom I know how to spell stinky. Want to hear me spell it??? p-o-o-p. (groan!)

Last night Alex was crying in bed. She was crying because no one else (that she knows) has sensitivity issues. She is the only one in her class that has problems wearing socks and snow pants. Everyone else is normal but her. Everyone thinks she is weird.

My poor little pookie. Breaks your heart. However she has so far in the last little while. She really has!

I talked to Alex about Grandma babysitting her over the summer (because of me working and Dh working 5 days a week now). She said I didn't have to worry about her, she would be fine with Grandma. I assured her I wasn't worried about her, I was worried about Grandma!! She said, "Don't worry Mom, I'll take it easy on Grandma." Oh what a cutie!


Sigh, thanks for clearing that up!

We did our taxes this morning. For the 1st time ever I owe!! $100. Now if owing $100 isn't enough I had to listen to DH all the way home...You know if you just blah blah blah...or you could blah blah blah ... it wouldn't be to hard to blah blah blah.

Then he tops it with, "you know when it comes to money you are your own worse enemy!" Well that isn't exactly a news flash!! Any moron who knows me knows that. He says it like its news or something. blah blah blah!

Me~You have no idea how becoming a parent changes you
DH~Clearly or else you would have bought a wig!

(I lost about 3/4 of my hair when I was pregnant and it never came back. Dh and I are in a race to see who will be bald 1st)

As I type this Fat Tony (my 30+ LB cat) is on the back of the couch behind me, purring and doing his paw thing on the back of my head. It isn't relaxing.

So thats all for now. I know as soon as I hit publish I will think of something else to type.

Wanna hear a dirty joke? A little boy falls into the mud
Wanna hear a clean joke? He takes a bath with bubbles
Wanna hear a dirty joke? Bubbles is Michal Jackson.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mommy guilt

Do you have Mommy guilt? I do.

Last night around 4am Alex came into my room and said she couldn't sleep. I told her I had to get up early in the morning. She should just go back to bed and try to sleep. As I laid there trying to go back to sleep I could hear her crying in her room. Now I knew she wasn't crying. It was my Mommy guilt playing tricks on my mind.

So I get up and check on her and low and behold she is in bed sleeping. I go back to bed. I lie down and I can hear it again. I can hear her crying. I know she isn't crying.

So I have been up since 4am. Funny enough if I had just got up with her and tucked her back into bed I probably would have went back to bed and slept fine.

Alex still wants to see Caroline. I explained it was too scary for her and meant for older kids. But she assured me should could handle it. I suggested we rent Nightmare before Christmas but she said it was too scary for her. However she again assured me Caroline wouldn't be. Sigh, sorry kiddo, we will rent it when your older!

A blind man walks to the corner with his seeing-eye dog. When the blind man reaches the corner, he snatches the dog up by his collar and starts swinging him around and around.

An on looker speaks up and says “Hey what are you doing?”

The blind man says, “Just taking a look around..”

That is Alex's new joke.

That got started in the car. Alex said she is going to train a seeing eye dog one day. I said I was going to train a see eye cat. Big D then said her was going to train a seeing eye fish. Then I said I was going to have a seeing eye bird. I would hold on to its lease and it would be like holding a balloon. Then I told her the blind man joke. Now she is telling everyone it.

I went to the mall with Alex yesterday and they have the toilets that flush when you stand up. So Alex is in one stall and I am in another. Suddenly I hear her say, 'Oh great it flushed and I haven't even wiped yet! Now what do I do?"

LOL Um wipe!! LOL

Friday, February 20, 2009

so much to type, so little time

No that I have started I keeping of all these random things to post. However because they are all so random I don't know if they will make sense.

I will start I guess with yesterday...

Yesterday I played Mario cart for most of the day. It was quite a waste of a day. But I did unlock some people and some carts.

Alex and I watched the old gladiators last night. We were laughing at all the mullets. This one lady, Ice I think was her name, Every time they showed her she was picking a wedge!! How go you take a someone serious who is spending all that time trying to get their costume out of their butt? Alex got a kick out of it.

Alex has decided that she is going to marry Tye, (a boy in her class). They are going to have 2 kids. A girl names Lexi and a boy named Conner. They are going to live here with us. All I can say is...Tye better get a good job!!

Alex also was going on and on about her secret lab. You see she has a secret button that she pushes on her bed. It then flips the mattress over and sends her down a slide to her lab. You have to pass a voice test or else the spikes at the bottom will engage.

Her lad is full of boobie traps. I asked why she would fill it with bra's?! She didn't think that was funny.

She is still working on a chore doing robot. Plus she is working on hippo-mo-tizing (as she puts it) the cats into doing chores. I hope she is sucessful!

I guess last night she didn't want to work in her lab as she tried to sleep with me. It went something like this...

Me-where do you think your going?
Alex-to sleep in your bed
Me-what about dad?
Alex-what about him?
Me-where is Dad going to sleep?
Alex-I don't know. Ask him.
Me-Get in your own bed!
Alex-It's not fair! Dad gets to sleep in your bed whenever he wants too and I hardly ever get too!
Me-you do realize Mommy's bed and Daddy's bed is the same bed??

She is great fun to sleep with. The last time she slept with me she slapped me across the face in her sleep. I often wake up to her feet in my face too. It's like sleeping with a kung-fu fighter!

Today her snow clothes were all wet. So she had to wear a different coat, snow pants, mitts and hat to school. Not only that she has just started wearing socks again and she got new boots a week ago. So big changes for her today. I am sure she will handle them.

Tonight we have to go to a sparks campfire thing in the mall. Well it isn't just sparks all guides and cub scouts will be going. Should be interesting.

Got to get new pants for her all well. We will do that tonight as well. Ok I am done for today. I will do more tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

Bursting my blog cherry

Well this is my 1st time doing this. You know I was driving and thinking about how I should start this. I had some wonderful idea's. I, of course, can't think of any of them now,LOL.

I guess I should start by saying who I am and about my family. So who am I? Let me pause for a moment and ask the voices in my head...

I am a 32 year old Mom. I work in group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. I have a daughter, Alex who is 6. And we foster a young lad, D who is 16.

I moved out of my parents house as soon as I had my grade 12. I should have went to college then, but I didn't. I lived with my then boyfriend and a roommate. After living there a year I kicked out my boyfriend, my roommate was getting married and I couldn't support myself on Wendy's wages. I was homeless.

A friend at the time Troy offered to let me stay with him for a month while I figure out where I was going to live. Well that was 13 years ago and he still hasn't gotten rid of me!! We married September 25 1999. We have Alex November 2002. D and his little brother (Little D) moved in March 2005. Little D moved out December 2008.

So that is me. Not too exciting. I can't help but wonder if anyone is still reading? I am very boring. I live a quiet unexciting life ~ just the way I like it.

Alex has been diagnosis with sensory a processing disorder (SID) and mild OCD. You can imagine the fun times we have had! It was a long time before we found out about the SID

Basically everyone told us nothing is wrong with her and we were bad parents or ineffective parents. When you hear something enough, you believe it.

I talk to Doctors about Alex, early years, teachers, other parents, my parents, MIL and FIL, parenting forum and the answer was always the same. We need to learn to be better parents.

I read many books and watch videos. None of it worked. Let me pause here and explain what we were dealing...

Alex can not stand how certain clothes feels like sandpaper. Socks drive her insane. Too much noise is too much for her to take in. So when we said it was time to get dress each morning, it was followed by a total fit and meltdown. So bad we had to clear out a room and out her in there for her own safety.

You know those metal containers you get cookies in at Christmas time? If you ever meet my DH, ask him it feels to get one of those in the back of the head,LOL!! (Sorry that isn't funny)

We finally got in touch with a resource consultant. I told her, if we are just bad parents, please be honest and help us. But she didn't 'think so. She told us about SID. I start talking to other ladies (on TP, of course) with kids who have SID. It was Alex. Anytime I listen to another parents story I could have written it. They were describing Alex to the letter!

So the ball was sent in montion. Alex is doing a lot better now. The stress in her life is less. She is wearing snow pants for the 1st time in 2 years. Socks ~ it's been 2 years for them too. She is willing to try on different pants and even tights. She is doing much better.

And so that is my life in a nut shell. That our background. I guess now I can post from time to time about our every stuff.

If your still reading, WOW get a life!! LOL. Talk about snoresville!! I mean, thanks for reading.