Tuesday, August 3, 2010

this and that

OK someone in VGS is selling clothes that would fit Alex and are things she would wear. The problem is she generally will wear 1 pair of pants (so I buy 10-12 pairs of the same pants). So by buying pants off this lady I would have different pairs or different pants and I wouldn't be able to buy any more.

The pros to doing this are: Alex is doing better and trying more. I just don't know if she is at spot where she would wear different pants. If would get her use to different pants and maybe make her more flexible. It would be more cost effective.

Cons are - if she loves one pair of pants more then the others she may refuse to wear anything but those pants. Then I have to either wash them every night (not doing that again!) or make the disappear and live in hell for a week or so. Plus go out and find 10 pairs of pants that are all the same for her (and no one store has 10 pairs on the same pants in the same size. I either have to order them off line of visit different cities to get enough)

I don't know. I want her to be exposed to more so she can get use to more and be more flexible.

Should I or shouldn't I?

Now for the this and that.

We went to logosland (google it). This lady was wearing a high cut bathing suit. Now the only hair do she could have downtown was a very thin mohawk (or racing strip) or bald.

However this lady had not mowed the lawn at all. She didn't even do any trim work. She didn't have a lawn - she had a hay field!!

Anyway standing on the beach you could really easily see all her hair sticking out everywhere. Now if that wasn't enough she kept going into the lake, doing handstands in the water and doing the splits while doing these handstands. All that was missing was a neon sign pointing at her crotch saying "LOOK HERE!"

The part the bothered me most was her legs and pits were shaved. Her eyebrows were clearly sculpted. And yet she totally over looked or didn't care to maintain her lawn.

She could have worn a swim skit or did a quick weed whacking job. She had to know we all could see that.

Also this other lady was wearing a swim suit that almost matched her skin toned exactly. It was kind of disturbing because she looked naked at the beach, lol.

Alex had a friend over last night and tonight. We were at the trailer last night. They were getting along great, Left me to read a book? - didn't have one. Do a puzzle? - can only do so many. Get lost in my thoughts? - turns out my thoughts are deep enough to get lost in! I was bored!

Least now we are at home and I can watch TV or surf the net.

Off tomorrow to our nations capital. Staying until Sunday. Don't know what we are doing yet.