Friday, February 20, 2009

so much to type, so little time

No that I have started I keeping of all these random things to post. However because they are all so random I don't know if they will make sense.

I will start I guess with yesterday...

Yesterday I played Mario cart for most of the day. It was quite a waste of a day. But I did unlock some people and some carts.

Alex and I watched the old gladiators last night. We were laughing at all the mullets. This one lady, Ice I think was her name, Every time they showed her she was picking a wedge!! How go you take a someone serious who is spending all that time trying to get their costume out of their butt? Alex got a kick out of it.

Alex has decided that she is going to marry Tye, (a boy in her class). They are going to have 2 kids. A girl names Lexi and a boy named Conner. They are going to live here with us. All I can say is...Tye better get a good job!!

Alex also was going on and on about her secret lab. You see she has a secret button that she pushes on her bed. It then flips the mattress over and sends her down a slide to her lab. You have to pass a voice test or else the spikes at the bottom will engage.

Her lad is full of boobie traps. I asked why she would fill it with bra's?! She didn't think that was funny.

She is still working on a chore doing robot. Plus she is working on hippo-mo-tizing (as she puts it) the cats into doing chores. I hope she is sucessful!

I guess last night she didn't want to work in her lab as she tried to sleep with me. It went something like this...

Me-where do you think your going?
Alex-to sleep in your bed
Me-what about dad?
Alex-what about him?
Me-where is Dad going to sleep?
Alex-I don't know. Ask him.
Me-Get in your own bed!
Alex-It's not fair! Dad gets to sleep in your bed whenever he wants too and I hardly ever get too!
Me-you do realize Mommy's bed and Daddy's bed is the same bed??

She is great fun to sleep with. The last time she slept with me she slapped me across the face in her sleep. I often wake up to her feet in my face too. It's like sleeping with a kung-fu fighter!

Today her snow clothes were all wet. So she had to wear a different coat, snow pants, mitts and hat to school. Not only that she has just started wearing socks again and she got new boots a week ago. So big changes for her today. I am sure she will handle them.

Tonight we have to go to a sparks campfire thing in the mall. Well it isn't just sparks all guides and cub scouts will be going. Should be interesting.

Got to get new pants for her all well. We will do that tonight as well. Ok I am done for today. I will do more tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

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