Friday, February 20, 2009

Bursting my blog cherry

Well this is my 1st time doing this. You know I was driving and thinking about how I should start this. I had some wonderful idea's. I, of course, can't think of any of them now,LOL.

I guess I should start by saying who I am and about my family. So who am I? Let me pause for a moment and ask the voices in my head...

I am a 32 year old Mom. I work in group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. I have a daughter, Alex who is 6. And we foster a young lad, D who is 16.

I moved out of my parents house as soon as I had my grade 12. I should have went to college then, but I didn't. I lived with my then boyfriend and a roommate. After living there a year I kicked out my boyfriend, my roommate was getting married and I couldn't support myself on Wendy's wages. I was homeless.

A friend at the time Troy offered to let me stay with him for a month while I figure out where I was going to live. Well that was 13 years ago and he still hasn't gotten rid of me!! We married September 25 1999. We have Alex November 2002. D and his little brother (Little D) moved in March 2005. Little D moved out December 2008.

So that is me. Not too exciting. I can't help but wonder if anyone is still reading? I am very boring. I live a quiet unexciting life ~ just the way I like it.

Alex has been diagnosis with sensory a processing disorder (SID) and mild OCD. You can imagine the fun times we have had! It was a long time before we found out about the SID

Basically everyone told us nothing is wrong with her and we were bad parents or ineffective parents. When you hear something enough, you believe it.

I talk to Doctors about Alex, early years, teachers, other parents, my parents, MIL and FIL, parenting forum and the answer was always the same. We need to learn to be better parents.

I read many books and watch videos. None of it worked. Let me pause here and explain what we were dealing...

Alex can not stand how certain clothes feels like sandpaper. Socks drive her insane. Too much noise is too much for her to take in. So when we said it was time to get dress each morning, it was followed by a total fit and meltdown. So bad we had to clear out a room and out her in there for her own safety.

You know those metal containers you get cookies in at Christmas time? If you ever meet my DH, ask him it feels to get one of those in the back of the head,LOL!! (Sorry that isn't funny)

We finally got in touch with a resource consultant. I told her, if we are just bad parents, please be honest and help us. But she didn't 'think so. She told us about SID. I start talking to other ladies (on TP, of course) with kids who have SID. It was Alex. Anytime I listen to another parents story I could have written it. They were describing Alex to the letter!

So the ball was sent in montion. Alex is doing a lot better now. The stress in her life is less. She is wearing snow pants for the 1st time in 2 years. Socks ~ it's been 2 years for them too. She is willing to try on different pants and even tights. She is doing much better.

And so that is my life in a nut shell. That our background. I guess now I can post from time to time about our every stuff.

If your still reading, WOW get a life!! LOL. Talk about snoresville!! I mean, thanks for reading.

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  1. LOL... get a life? Gee thanks! It was interesting. Reminds me of reading posts by parents of kids with autism and thinking "gee that sounds familiar"... then both my kids were diagnosed on the spectrum. I'm just waiting for you to post Alex's comments :o)