Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mommy guilt

Do you have Mommy guilt? I do.

Last night around 4am Alex came into my room and said she couldn't sleep. I told her I had to get up early in the morning. She should just go back to bed and try to sleep. As I laid there trying to go back to sleep I could hear her crying in her room. Now I knew she wasn't crying. It was my Mommy guilt playing tricks on my mind.

So I get up and check on her and low and behold she is in bed sleeping. I go back to bed. I lie down and I can hear it again. I can hear her crying. I know she isn't crying.

So I have been up since 4am. Funny enough if I had just got up with her and tucked her back into bed I probably would have went back to bed and slept fine.

Alex still wants to see Caroline. I explained it was too scary for her and meant for older kids. But she assured me should could handle it. I suggested we rent Nightmare before Christmas but she said it was too scary for her. However she again assured me Caroline wouldn't be. Sigh, sorry kiddo, we will rent it when your older!

A blind man walks to the corner with his seeing-eye dog. When the blind man reaches the corner, he snatches the dog up by his collar and starts swinging him around and around.

An on looker speaks up and says “Hey what are you doing?”

The blind man says, “Just taking a look around..”

That is Alex's new joke.

That got started in the car. Alex said she is going to train a seeing eye dog one day. I said I was going to train a see eye cat. Big D then said her was going to train a seeing eye fish. Then I said I was going to have a seeing eye bird. I would hold on to its lease and it would be like holding a balloon. Then I told her the blind man joke. Now she is telling everyone it.

I went to the mall with Alex yesterday and they have the toilets that flush when you stand up. So Alex is in one stall and I am in another. Suddenly I hear her say, 'Oh great it flushed and I haven't even wiped yet! Now what do I do?"

LOL Um wipe!! LOL

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