Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So I bought underwear and a bathing suit. The store policy is bathing suits are non-refundable because of hygiene issues. I get that and I am fine with that. What I don't get is...why is underwear refundable? What non-hygienic things happen in a swim suit that doesn't happen in underwear? That is mind boggling to me.

Any how I bought 'slimming' underwear. Now when I out them on my belly does look slimmer. However I have a huge muffin top because of them. Now my current underwear is size large. I bought XL in these underwear because they looked small.

Now the question is do I want a fatter looking stomach or a muffin top? I think I will stick with my fat belly.

Alexism that I can remember:

Alex - Mom why did you and Dad get married? Oh wait! Let me were drunk?
Me - There was a year from the time he asked me to the time we got married. So if that was the reason I would have had to have been drunk for a year.
Alex - You were drunk for a year?
Me - No! I married him because I love him!

This one was a while back. She asked if we could take in another kid. A kid around 5 or 6. She needs another kid because she is tried of loosing at checkers to Fat Tony (cat).


Oh my camo pants. I was looking for them the other morning. I looked in dryer - there was 3 or 4 things in there - no camo pants. Looked in my basket, Alex's basket, the washer and the clothes line. No pants. So I took everything out of my basket and refolded it. Not in there. Looked in the dryer again - not in there. Took everything out of Alex's basket - not in there. Decided to fold the 3 or 4 things in the dryer and low and behold they were in there. All I could think was "wow these are really good camo pants!"

Troy has finally agreed to let me find a babysitter. I can't find one!! I think I will put an ad at the library looking for one. The problem is a lady I know who babysits will see it and I don't want to hire her. Her kids are wild. Her son beats up Alex and she doesn't do anything because he is mentally disabled. Well if you don't do something now, what's going to happen when he is an adult? I just don't want her. So I am not sure how I address that if it comes up.

I am hoping for a kid at Alex's school. Then in September they can just take the bus home with her and get off here. I have a few calls out. No one has returned them yet. I called yesterday. Not sure how long I should wait for them to call back.

I finally got my stupid garden done. I had it all ready. All I needed to do was drill some holes and nail the boards down. I was waiting for Troy because he was going to do that part. He was just sweeping the garage. I waited and waited and waited. He was making me wait on purpose. So finally I got sick of waiting (I had other things to do) so I just started drilling myself. Well that got him out of the garage pretty darn fast!!


  1. Babysitting is strange.. it seems, there are always plenty of babysitters until you actually need one! lol

    And it's too bad that trick with the drill doesn't work with everything!

  2. when you write your ad state that you want a school age sitter - that will eliminate the person you don't want.