Monday, June 14, 2010

stupid gardens!!!

Why oh why did I want to put in gardens!!! Have you ever seen a movie where someone digs up a grave or treasure? Well they are such liers!! It is no where near as easy as they make it look. It is back breaking labour. Even worse when your crappy husbands just sits there and watches you. It is my garden so I have to do the work. Stupid garden.

If I ever decide to put another garden in - shoot me!! Really do it!! It is a lot of hard work. The next house I am buying will already have flower beds in and I am keeping them and that is that!

I am loving the trailer. It is nice to have a place to go. I can't get cellphone there and at 1st I thought it would really bother me (because I am a slave to my phone) but it doesn't. I mean there are times would it would be nice. Like if I could text Troy to bring stuff up or he could do the same. But all in all it's fine.

Work really sucks now. Every time I take a shift that is less time I can spend at the trailer. I want the money but I want to go to the trailer too, lol. I wish Alex was done school so we could spend more time there. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner. Well I do know - no idea how affordable it is!

Alex is in a grade 1/2 class this year. They are learning sex ed. I mean Alex came home and was able to tell me how a baby is made and how it comes out. Grade 1? Isn't that a bit young? She said she learnt it last year - I wasn't aware of that. I mean I have no problem with her learning this. She has books and stuff on it. I just had no idea they teach that stuff so young.

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