Tuesday, March 10, 2009

time flies!!

Been 8 days since I was last here?? WOW!! I bought the twilight series so I have been busy reading. Plus working. And appointments on top of that. Did you all miss me?

What to type and where to start??

Oh...So Alex comes home from school (one day last week) and heads straight for her room and calls out "If anyone is looking for me I'll be in my closet blowing things up!"

Got to love a kid who can entertain them selves!

The turkey

So I put a turkey in the fridge to thaw out. The same day at 4pm D opens the fridge and we have the following conversation...

D-we're having turkey for dinner tonight?
me-what do you think?
D-I don't know. There is a frozen turkey in the fridge so it looks like we are.
me-how long will it take to thaw?
D-few days
me-how long will it take to cook?
D-few hours
me-so do you think we are having it tonight?
D-I guess so!

Sigh! 5 mins later I hear him telling Alex we are having turkey for dinner that night.

D split model paint on his carpet. If that wasn't bad enough he scrubbed it to get it out. So it went from a 3 inch round spot to a 8 inch spot on his rug. Why he was working on models in his room instead of downstairs or the garage is beyond me. Either way, carpet is ruined. I guess on the plus side, it doesn't really matter what else he does to the carpet, it is ruined anyways. One less thing in life to worry about!

The tire

So I got 2 new tires. 1 blew and the other was close to needing to be changed anyways so I got 2 new front tires. The guys at the garage gave me the old tire in case I may need it on the back or something. I put it in the garage. Dh was poopy face over it. He wanted me to get rid of it. I said I would. I admit I forgot about it. Out of site out of mind. So he put in beside my car. Now my 1st thought was to put it by his truck and act like I didn't see it. But we just got over the laundry war, do I really want to start another? So I had D roll it up to the garage. now I kind wish I left it. It's fun having a "cold war" going on the house. I miss the laundry war.


Alex renames Fat Tony - Richard. Now she did this a while ago. Most of the times when she renames the cats it last for a day and then forgotten. Well he is still Richard. I think Richard is here to stay. Now I'm not sure what name I like better for him. Richard or Fat Tony? Fell free to leave comment and have your say on what one is better.

So this week at school is spirit week. Different things each day. Today is dress like your teacher day. So we go to value village and Alex is looking for something her teacher would wear. Well she choose this flashing red outfit with sparkles and lace. Says this is exactly like something her teacher would wear. Now her teacher is a devote catholic. She is an older lady who wears white knitted sweaters and is very very conservative. I wish I was there to see the look on her face when Alex walks in wearing that claiming to look like her, LOL

Motherhood - a precious gift

Brings a tear to your eyeseeing how tenderly creatures care for their babies


  1. So here I am trying to post a comment.. yet again.. I read all these snippets of wonderful life in the boonies.. and then.. yep..
    can't post..

  2. If you change Fat Tony's name to Richard then Sonja will never be able to use that name again :-o

    And if you call him Richard when you're filling his dinner bowl, he might think there's competition and eat more!