Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alex is sick...AGAIN!!

She was at Grandma's for 2 days (1 night). Grandma said she started having the runs as soon as she got there. Sigh! I guess Alex woke Grandma up at 3am asking if she had any spare underwear. Alex tried to wash her in the sink but she couldn't get them clean enough to put back on, lol. What a cutie.

D just asked Alex if she farted. Alex replied, "If I did fart I'd have poop running down my leg right now. Does it look like I have poop running down my leg?"

Least she is in good spirits. When I was taking her to Grandma's she said her tummy hurt but I didn't pay much attention to it. Alex fakes sicks daily. Guess it was real this time.

I told Alex about me having an Olympic athlete in me and she told me she was the Olympic athlete and she had already come out. Then she finished up by explaining a proper diet to me and offering exercise classes. For those who don't remember, Alex's exercise classes are brutal! I passed. I'd rather be fat, lol.

The town fathers were looking for a way to increase attendance and participation at their regular meetings. One member suggested bringing in a hypnotist. The officials agreed, a famous hypnotist was hired, publicity distributed, and everyone was pleased.

A few weeks later the meeting hall was packed, and the town's people sat fascinated as the hypnotist withdrew a pocket watch. The hypnotist began chanting... "Watch the watch, watch the watch, watch the watch..."

The crowd became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth, light gleaming off its polished surface. Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until suddenly the hypnotist's fingers slipped and the watch fell to the floor...

"Shit" said the hypnotist.

It took three weeks to clean up the town hall.

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