Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And then there was one.

You know, you wake up in morning and have a general idea of how your day is going to go. Sometimes it doesn't go that way, but I think most of the time it does.

I got up this morning knowing I had to go to work, then Alex had brownies tonight. I was going to do my shopping while she was at brownies. Then home and early to bed.

I went to work and that pretty much was normal. I got home and D's school called to tell me he is failing the only class he needs to pass in order to graduate. He has handed in nothing so the teacher has nothing to mark. He sleeps though most of her classes.

When D got home I relayed this him and said maybe he needs to go to bed earlier so he isn't sleeping in class. He start talking back and DH jumped in and told him if he plans to stay here he needs to show me some respect. He also said D needs to apologize to me.

D responded with, "Got boxes? I'm moving out." D made a few calls, pack his stuff and left.

He is signing himself out of care. By doing this he is loosing his braces, $850 a month from the time he is 18 till 21 (he will be 18 in Aug.), I don't know if he plans to continue high school, health care, college, and more.

I am just sick about his. I really hope in a day or 2 he comes around and comes back home. To be honest - I doubt he will. He is stubborn like that. He would rather live without then admit a mistake. I have made it clear he can return.

I really didn't see this coming. I didn't. I feel like I have been hit by a truck.

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