Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Been forever since I posted

I spent the summer at the lake. No Internet means no posting from me. Lots has happened - of course now that I sit down to do this I forget half of it, lol.

My great Aunt passed away. I went to the funeral. You have those family members there that you only see at weddings and funerals. I was there before my mom showed up. Each and every single relative that showed up walked up to me, hugged me and kissed me (gross!) and said, "Sandy! You look so good!" To which I replied that I was Laurie, Sandy's daughter. They all commented on how much we look a like (great I look like a 58 year old chain smoker with a glass eye and half a foot!).

My great aunt (not the dead one but her sister who is 90) went though the whole I look like mom and then finished it off with, "The last time I saw you, you were tiny! But don't worry, your mom was fat for a while and then she lost it. Once you lost the weight you will look so pretty!"

Thanks Aunt Rose - I feel so happy now!

The whole talk of the funeral was how much I look like my mom.

Alex had a loose tooth all summer long. It was sticking out, she looked like Nanny Mcphee! I have been carrying around change for 2 months waiting for it to come out. I head for Ottawa for 1 night and it comes out! Dh had to look in the couch for change!! Figures!

Alex got her hair cut. It is a bob cut but it is shorter in the bad and longer in the front. It looks real cute on her.

Fat Tony won 3 ribbons at the fair this year and Ermie the guinea pig won 2 ribbons. Alex was quite happy with that.

oh - got to go - I will post more later...

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  1. You forgot to mention that everyone thought your mother looked like she was 29 until they realised that it was you!!

    Got to love families!

    It is always nice to see a blog updated....