Thursday, July 15, 2010


Alex needs a sibling. I wish I had another child. It's too late now. I mean my tubes are tied, but even if they weren't and I got pregnant tonight, Alex would be 8 when the baby was born, so they wouldn't really be playmates.

Plus, well, Mich your son is such a cutie - but I just don't want to have to deal with all that now. Diapers, feedings, sleepless nights, and all the fun stuff that goes with a baby, the a toddler, then a pre-schooler.

Alex needs a playmate. She has a few friends but she fights with them all the time. She is so hard to get along with. I wish she at least had 1 good friend.

Regrets? I don't know. If we didn't foster I probably would have had another child. Really with all we went though with Little D, well a baby would be much more work then that!! But if we didn't foster I wouldn't have been able to stay home for so many years. So fostering meant I got to spend the 1st 5 years of Alex's life with her. But it also meant I wasn't up to having another kid because I had so much on my plate.

Now comes the question of if we want to still do it. Alex really wants us to take in more kids. I do enjoy kids. And I will be honest - the extra cash does help. But the other hand - I am having such a great time with Alex this summer. Just the 2 of us (3 when Troy isn't working). I don't know. Deep thoughts I guess.

But on to lighter things.

I swear that Sherk was modeled after Troy. They are both anti-social. They are both grumps. They both hate other people. They both fart and burp a lot. They both think they are funny. I swear they are the same!!

We went to the trailer and Alex saw that a chipmunk had been eating acorns and dropped the shells on the awning. She said, "look how dirty the awning is. It's because that chipmunk put his dirty nuts all over it!" LOL

And next my thoughts about mosquito's. If they sucked fat instead of blood - think about it!! A weekend camping trip would be free liposuction. Woman would rub mosquito's attractant on instead of repellent. You also have to wonder - why didn't Noah kill the mosquito's when there was only 2?

Deep thoughts. Light thoughts. Lots of thoughts. Too many thoughts.

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